night-mode [x]
my most recent work/hacks/talks..
  1. The Night is Young A demo I recorded ages ago.
  2. When I Go A cover of Slow Club's amazing song.
  3. FlagTimes The macOS timezone app for anyone working in multiple timezones.
  4. create high resolution art from your photos using Generative Adversarial Networks.
  5. aSocial All the social platforms in one place where your privacy is protected.
  6. the anonymous, fully encrypted and open-sourced blogging platform.
  7. wcal a terminal-based time-tracker derived from ncal.
  8. a open-sourced messaging system incorporated into your git repository.
  9. nordic.js i gave a lightning talk at Nordic.js about cross-browser privacy vulnerability.
  10. collaboration with my lovely girlfriend. she designed, I coded.
  11. lagom simplistic presentation generator
  12. write-something just me messing around with observable sequences
  13. push Deploy static content easily, freely and anonymously
  14. 685byte synth I wanted to create a synth below 1kb with JS only. I succeeded.
  15. Country Parrots one party parrot for each country
  16. A twitch-like service for musicians which I co-founded.
  17. San Francisco Music Alliance helped a friend design+implement their CMS using prose + github pages. no more wordpress.
  18. trump.css if you want to add a little bit of Trump on your homepage
  19. Different Perspectives interactive Virtual Reality demos using Google Cardboard to experience situations from Different Perspectives.
  20. brand-colors a brand color collection available in sass, less, stylus and css
  21. Hack for Refugees nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something
  22. HeartCoins currently building a crypto-currency based on good will
  23. bandpage/artists i worked at bandpage(acquired by youtube) for 3.5 years
  24. bandpage/spotify i did everything from helping out with engineering, design and content. also turned the gig room to the next level.
  25. gyver a swiz army knife for all the terminal lovers out there
  26. feel beats a hardware hack that gives you the feeling of being a drummer
  27. flag colors a flag color collection available in sass, less, stylus and css
  28. pop-wars a popup-based multiplayer game
  29. rickrolled.js soon to be released
  30. letswork a CLI that helps you focus
  31. dynosrc serve differential updates to users on the fly
  32. nes-over-png a noscript-compatible twitch-plays-zelda
  33. a free client-side url-shortener, say whaat?
  34. this is for you Jashan
  35. plus.js a lightweight, templating engine that is all about speed.
  36. purple Just a hack
  37. vasktrafik Did you know that 1MB equals 5.9 Wh?!