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my most recent work/hacks/talks..
  1. a open-sourced messaging system incorporated into your git repository.
  2. nordic.js i gave a lightning talk at Nordic.js about cross-browser privacy vulnerability.
  3. collaboration with my lovely girlfriend. she designed, I coded.
  4. lagom simplistic presentation generator
  5. write-something just me messing around with observable sequences
  6. push Deploy static content easily, freely and anonymously
  7. 685byte synth I wanted to create a synth below 1kb with JS only. I succeeded.
  8. Country Parrots one party parrot for each country
  9. A twitch-like service for musicians which I co-founded.
  10. San Francisco Music Alliance helped a friend design+implement their CMS using prose + github pages. no more wordpress.
  11. trump.css if you want to add a little bit of Trump on your homepage
  12. Different Perspectives interactive Virtual Reality demos using Google Cardboard to experience situations from Different Perspectives.
  13. brand-colors a brand color collection available in sass, less, stylus and css
  14. Hack for Refugees nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something
  15. HeartCoins currently building a crypto-currency based on good will
  16. bandpage/artists i worked at bandpage(acquired by youtube) for 3.5 years
  17. bandpage/spotify i did everything from helping out with engineering, design and content. also turned the gig room to the next level.
  18. gyver a swiz army knife for all the terminal lovers out there
  19. feel beats a hardware hack that gives you the feeling of being a drummer
  20. flag colors a flag color collection available in sass, less, stylus and css
  21. pop-wars a popup-based multiplayer game
  22. rickrolled.js soon to be released
  23. letswork a CLI that helps you focus
  24. dynosrc serve differential updates to users on the fly
  25. nes-over-png a noscript-compatible twitch-plays-zelda
  26. a free client-side url-shortener, say whaat?
  27. this is for you Jashan
  28. plus.js a lightweight, templating engine that is all about speed.
  29. purple Just a hack
  30. vasktrafik Did you know that 1MB equals 5.9 Wh?!